Welcome to my re-designed blog!


Over the past month I have been re-designing my blog and website. My old one needed a serious makeover!  I thought, “How hard can this be? I know how to design stuff! I’m sure I can do this myself (in just one weekend)!”

I was so wrong!  There are still unfinished pages.  I had no idea how difficult WordPress templates were to customize – like changing the font, the font color, the size and color of the little menu bars at the top.  Part of me wanted to jump ship and change to another blog hosting platform, but there would be another learning curve with that. After spending hours and hours on Youtube watching videos about “how-to make a WordPress blog in 20 minutes,” I have something kind of presentable. But not perfect, or even finished.

In my effort to promote my lettering and teaching, I wanted to go public as soon as possible.  Here is all I’ve got so far.  I hope to post how-to videos, free downloadable materials and updates on class offerings.

Special thanks to Jeremy and Natalia Castango, who encouraged me and helped me pull this together.